Monetary Compensation

Assistance and care benefits

Insurants and pension users with an injury or disease whose nature and severity necessitates assistance and care in performing basic life needs are entitled to assistance and care financial benefits. Pursuant to Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, this right is generally reserved for individuals suffering from immobility, blindness, individuals unable to eat, dress or walk on their own, and individuals on dialysis. If the disability committee decides that the condition may improve, a follow-up examination is scheduled.

Physical impairment benefits

Insurants who suffered a loss or significant impairment of an organ or body part due to work injury or professional disease are entitled to physical impairment benefits.

Depending on the estimated proportion of physical impairment, physical impairment benefit amount is 30% to 100% of the basis specified by regulations applied from 9 April 2003 and it is adjusted in the same manner as pension benefits. 

Funeral expenses compensation

Funeral expenses compensation granted to the family of a deceased retiree (or to the person paying the funeral).

Pursuant to Article 75 of the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, funeral expenses compensation amounts to one and a half of average pension benefit for the previous quarter. 

Provision of special aids

Insurants or pension users (blind or insurant’s blind child) are entitled to financial compensation for provision of special aids for reading and writing – reproducer, Braille typewriter and other electronic or digital aids.