Scope of Activity

The Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia has been established pursuant to the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, for the purpose of executing rights from pension and disability insurance and providing funds to execute these rights. The fund is a legal entity with the status of organization for compulsory social insurance, with rights and obligations determined by the Law and Statute.

The Fund provides pension and disability insurance for all persons who are, by Law, compulsory insured and covered by this insurance, regardless of their employment status (employed, self-employed, or farmers); determines the basis for paying contributions in accordance with the Law; provides for dedicated and economical use of resources; provides direct, efficient, reasonable and lawful execution of rights ensuing from pension and disability insurance, organizes activities for implementation of the insurance; controls registration for insurance, as well as all data necessary for obtaining, using and discontinuance of rights; organizes and implements pension and disability insurance, in accordance with the Law; performs international agreements; pays out pensions, reimbursements and other entitlements; and performs other duties in accordance with the Law and Statute of the Fund.

The Fund has 2.669.060 insured, from all categories: employed- 2.225.558; self-employed- 335.200; insured farmers- 108.302; and 1.696.630 pensioners From the total number of pensioners, approximately 1.430.972 are former employees, 99.346 are retired self-employed individuals and some 166.312 are retired farmers. (June 2020).

In order to achieve rational and successful performance of its activities, and ensure execution of the rights to pension and disability insurance, the Fund is organized into territorial and functional divisions:

  • Directorate of the Fund
  • Provincial Fund in Novi Sad
  • Directorate Office of the Fund
  • 35 Branches
  • 13 Branch Offices
  • 122 Field Offices