Pensionable service

Insurance period certificates

The Fund maintains an insurant register with the following data:

  • First and last name
  • Unique personal identification number
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation and level of education
  • Insurance basis
  • Dates of insurance qualification acquisition and termination
  • Insurance period, salaries, salary compensation, insurance base, contractual and other payments used to determine insurance amount
  • Number of months and days spent at work and number of months and days for which compensation has been paid
  • Amount of paid contributions
  • Pension period by type
  • Insurance period calculated per increased duration.

On the insurant’s request, Fund is obliged to issue a certificate or decision on data entered in the register.

Virtual Fund desk

Persons included in compulsory social insurance who have a valid identity card can check their Fund register data by electronic means, i.e. via the internet they can see whether employers have been paying pension and disability contributions as well as the amounts paid, whether they are registered or de-registered and the respective dates, whether possible changes have been updated in Fund database, etc. A person can access Fund database an unlimited number of times and free of charge. These kinds of data and information had already been available, but only by visiting Fund offices.

To ensure complete safety and protection of service user personal data, National Fund introduced codes, i.e. pin codes which are used permanently, once obtained in Fund offices. If the code is lost, it is possible to request a new code. A person accesses data by entering their unique personal identification number and pin code on Fund portal: www.pio.rs/Insurant register data access

Pin codes are issued in Fund branches and offices. In case of any questions or concerns, persons who decide to use this service may get help by contacting us via email kontakt@pio.rs 

By means of electronic services, Fund strives to simplify and expedite services and make communication with people comfortable and easily available. 

M-4 Application web check

National Pension and Disability Insurance Fund has made it possible for employers to perform a preliminary check of M-4 forms containing employee salary and pensionable service data for the previous through the Fund web application. During the preliminary check of M-4 forms, the system automatically checks data and points to errors. This ensures accuracy of prepared forms and eliminates the need for data correction when employers visit Fund offices to deliver printed or electronic copies. This enables employers to complete all annual obligations towards the Fund regarding submission of data on pension and disability insurance contributions payment in a single visit.

M-4 check electronic service and detailed instructions on file (M-4) format and the electronic check procedure are available on the Fund official website www.pio.rs